For Businesses

Think of Wantster as your website’s universal wishlist. The “Want Button” makes it easy for individuals to want your product or service in an online social environment that is shared with family and friends.

Start using the business "Want Button" on your website now to start getting referrals, drive traffic and make sales.

Place the "Want Button" next to every product or service on your website so people can easily click and post them as a want in Wantster. Items posted on Wantster will be seen and discussed by thousands and drive traffic to your website.

Let’s use the example of a random business like Ed’s Music Store.

Ed’s Music Store posted the “Want Button” next to all the items they sell on their website. Bill was surfing the web and ended up on Ed’s Music Store website. Bill wanted the Yamaha guitar posted on the site and clicked on the “Want Button” beside it. That guitar automatically populated into Bill’s profile on Wantster. That guitar will now be talked about by Bill’s friends and family and anyone wanting to buy it for Bill will know exactly where to get it... Ed’s Music Store.